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Fulbeck Desk & Rifle Chairs

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The Desk

A departure from the traditional pedestal desks for which LINLEY was once renowned, The Fulbeck Desk is designed for a contemporary office environment and collaborative form of working. It blends traditional and digital luxury, with cleverly incorporated charging points and battery cells so that the desk can be ‘charged’ via a power source and then used free-standing during meetings.

Desk Details

The Fulbeck Desk was created using English walnut sourced exclusively from the Fulbeck Estate in Lincolnshire. Recorded as the third largest walnut in the country, it was estimated to be between three and four hundred years old before it was blown down in the great storm of 2007. The LINLEY designers carefully hand-selected each piece of veneer to best display the beautiful ripple grain in the wood.

Secret Drawers

Shotgun Form

The form of the desk is light and fluid, with the body appearing to hover over the finely-crafted legs. Its smooth underbelly follows the gentle curve of a stock of a shotgun and facilitates space for internal storage and three secret drawers which are lined in claret Connolly Vaumol leather. Subtle checkering detailing on the end of the desk’s body and legs references the finishing touches in gun making and is tactile to the touch.

The Centerpiece

Running down the centre of the desk is a striking brushed brass plate, intricately hand-engraved by Dr Malcolm Appleby, one of the world’s finest shotgun engravers. Malcolm is known for his imaginative use of line and form, and his detailed embellishment mirrors both the ripple in the walnut veneer and the engravings found on the stock of a shotgun.

The Chair

Complimenting the Fulbeck Desk is the elegant Rifle Chair. Crafted in walnut, engineered brushed brass and polished aluminium, the curved seat rest of the chair and distinctive barrel-shaped legs are a continued reference to the form of a shotgun.

Chair Details

Designed for Masterpiece 2017, the round seats of the chairs are upholstered in claret and tan Connolly leather, which is famously used for the interiors of Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin classic cars, as well as the benches in the Houses of Lords and Commons.


Whether you are commissioning a piece of furniture for a house or yacht, an architectural desk or box, or a bespoke accessory, we aim to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish.

At our flagship store LINLEY Belgravia, we will be delighted to show you examples of our work, introduce you to your design team and discuss your requirements in detail. Examples of previously commissioned pieces and samples such as woods, fabrics and leather are used to help visualise the initial concepts.