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Girih Treasure Chest

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Passion Re-awakened

In October 2015, on one of his many travels to the Persian Gulf, David’s fascination with Islamic art and architecture was re-ignited. A photograph of a vibrant tile mosaic pattern was sent back to the LINLEY studio, inspiring the design of the spectacular Girih Treasure Chest.

The Girih Treasure Chest explores Islamic pattern through detailed wooden marquetry in brilliant sapphire blue and rich gold tones. Girih is an Islamic decorative art form consisting of geometric lines that create an interlaced framework. At the centre of the design lies an eight-pointed star, taken from a beautiful mosaic tile pattern.

Decadent Interiors

The inside of the chest is softer but no less striking, using elegant gold and white gold leaf to replicate the exterior geometric pattern. Designed to hold jewellery and precious objects, the interior is split into compartments and drawers featuring hand-cut dovetails and finished with bronze metal handles inlaid with precious stones.

The Materials

Adorning all façades of the chest, the pattern is created using a specially dyed deep blue ripple sycamore, sycamore and satinwood, which gradually turns from gold to grey to blue in a quasi-crystalline pattern, breaking up as it transitions from the base to the top of the chest.

David's Inspiration

Hidden Secrets

Typical in a LINLEY masterpiece, there is more than meets the eye: the key for the locked central chamber can be found in a special compartment concealed within the cabinetry. Once opened, mirrored glass surfaces give the appearance of infinite distance. The mirrors also hide a second secret compartment, the ultimate deception and demonstration of the master craftsman’s hand.


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