David Linley’s fascination with secret drawers began at an early age when his grandmother challenged him to find one in a Roentgen desk at Windsor Castle, sparking a long-standing interest in cabinet making and the mechanisms of hidden drawers.
With their signature secret compartments and mechanical details – designed both to conceal and delight – LINLEY bespoke desks are made to the exact specification of the individual, taking into consideration ergonomics such as height, favourite chair and electronic requirements; all with bespoke handles and an individual locking system.


In the boardroom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, sits one of the largest pieces that LINLEY has ever made – a walnut boardroom table designed to seat up to 60 people. Whilst on the larger side for most dining rooms, it demonstrates LINLEY’s expertise in creating large or technically challenging pieces, which can be custom-made to suit the size of a specific room or to realise a client’s vision.
Our tables can be expandable with leaves or constructed with individual modules that can be used separately, and are crafted in a rich selection of woods and finishes.


LINLEY has a long-standing heritage in creating luxury board games and bespoke games tables, from classics like chess and backgammon, through to mahjong and specialist pursuits.
As well as these more compact, foldaway pieces, LINLEY is equally versed in creating large-scale, dramatic centrepieces such as a football or poker table, designed collaboratively with the client to fit their specifications.


LINLEY specialises in creating full-size bars such as the Tectonic – which houses the ultimate collection of spirits, glasses and cocktail accessories – as well as more understated pieces of furniture to house various drinks, such as the Dusk Cabinet with its beautifully decorative marquetry doors. Reflecting LINLEY’s wit and ingenuity, our bespoke bars often include special features such as a levitating tray or a pop-up humidor and can be temperature controlled.


For the ultimate personal or corporate gift, LINLEY can create personalised boxes or accessories to a client’s specifications, drawing upon over 30 years of craftsmanship and expertise. Our design team will work collaboratively from initial sketches to a finished piece.


LINLEY bespoke is renowned for its sophisticated handcrafted cabinets made from the finest timbers with ornate marquetry and finishes, providing tailored solutions for makeup, trinkets and precious possessions.


LINLEY is renowned for modern marquetry, an intricate crafting technique that we use on our furniture and accessories in a variety of colours and wood veneers. It is effectively a way of ‘painting’ using wood.
Developing this idea further, we have created a number of large, beautifully crafted marquetry panels and screens – pieces of art in their own right.