In the Gallery: Jeremy Annear

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The world that Jeremy Annear has embraced with his work draws deeply from natural forms and the rhythms and shifting contrasts of landscape and seascape. Annear responds to linear forms and stratifications, being particularly attracted to the edge of things such as the colours contrasts of where coast and sea meet.

Jeremy is unquestionably a Modernist and is regarded as a dominant force of the generation of abstract painters following the St Ives heyday of the 1950s. Annear’s unique handwriting and authorship do show their lineage, at times temping you into seeing echoes of Nicholson, Hepworth or Braque.

British and trained here in the UK, Annear’s work is strongly influenced by the painters of St Ives as well as Klee, Picasso, Braque and Miro.

‘Painting for Annear is a process of discovery through making, a negotiation between the world that is also a spiritual rite of passage. The act of painting is instinctive, rather than long pondered, but he approaches his daily stint in the studio in a highly professional manner, focusing his inner resources on a state of being that is dispassionate, disciplined and truthful.’- Andrew Lambirth

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