Monaco Yacht Show 2018

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At Monaco Yacht Show 2018, LINLEY will be showcasing spectacular pieces of furniture. You will be able to discover the Torque Table and the Tellus Globe as well as the Aquilo Chronometer – the first horological furniture piece.

LINLEY are inspired by taking a practical and function piece and transforming it into a breath taking work of art, working with master craftsmen who turn the impossible into the possible. At Monaco Yacht Show LINLEY are expanding horizons by starting to develop horological furniture and will launch a new and original product, the Aquilo Chronometer crafted in collaboration with famed British chronometer specialists Thomas Mercer. Also on display will be the eye-catching Torque dining table and the stunning Tellus Globe, created in collaboration with renowned globemakers Bellerby & Co. Each piece has  been designed to complement the curation of elegant interior schemes, while confidently presenting their own unique personas.

Torque Dining Table

The LINLEY Torque Dining Table sees a Portoro gold marble Lazy Susan take centre-stage, beautifully framed by a fan of low-sheen, figured ripple walnut pieces. Satinwood inlays give a feeling of rotation to the swirling top, reminiscent of the twist of a spectacular floral bouquet. The table seats eight comfortably but shines confidently as a standalone piece.

Tellus Globe

The floor-standing Tellus Globe is the result of close collaboration between LINLEY’s craftspeople and famed globemakers Bellerby & Co of London. The 50cm diameter globe is meticulously hand-painted using Sennelier watercolour pigment, with a UV and scratch resistant resin coat. The globe rests on a blue eucalyptus base with three semi-hidden roller bearings, which allow a fluid 360-degree spin in a luxurious movement by hand.

Aquilo Chronometer

Our collaboration with Thomas Mercer, famed British bespoke chronometer designer and producers, created an incredible piece in the Aquilo Chronometer. The chronometer, made of marine grade stainless steel, sits atop a base crafted out of blue eucalyptus and solid oxidised oak. Designed so all aspects of the chronometer’s inner workings can be admired it’s sides have extra-white crystal windows and there is a mirror set underneath it in the base.

Join LINLEY at Monaco Yacht Show

To arrange an appointment with the LINLEY Bespoke and PR teams at the Monaco Yacht Show please contact [email protected].