Things You Didn´t Know About LINLEY

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Since its inception in 1985, LINLEY has been devoted to creating beautiful British design for the home showcasing the finest craftsmanship. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about LINLEY:


The Home of Chelsea Buns

LINLEY´s flagship store, located in the heart of Pimlico Road used to be the home of the infamous Chelsea Bun House. The bakery was where the famous bun originated. The bun ovens can actually still be found in the basement – unfortunately no buns though!

Photo Courtesy: Recipe Reminiscing 


LINLEY´s Beginning

“The designs I appreciate and make today are the direct result of everything I experienced as a child. My father had always been a big fan of contemporary design while my mother, on the other hand, had a great love of art, theatre and colour and was more of a maximalist.” -David Linley

From an early age, David´s creative ability was nurtured by his parents who both encouraged his passion for making things. David started his career studying under John Makepeace and Parnham House and used to design, make and sell all his pieces touring the country in his Ford Escort.

The Bond Connection

LINLEY designed and crafted the furniture in M´s office and bathroom in the popular James Bond film: Casino Royale. LINLEY created a bespoke vanity unit, a pair of limited edition LINLEY Classic Console tables and two mirrors. LINLEY additionally supplied the desk accessories for M´s study in Quantum of Solace.

Photo Courtesy: Bonds Lifestyle 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

LINLEY crafted the boardroom table at the Metropolitan Museum of Art made out of oak from Windsor Great Park. The table has 7 pedestals, and 12 columnar legs inspired by the columns of the Met itself. It can sit up to 60 people and retractable to seat a mere 12.

Secret Drawers

LINLEY is known for designing exceptional pieces with characteristic ´secret drawers´ adding an element of surprise and romance to a piece. Secret drawers are challenging features to include in a piece of furniture, a feat of engineering as much as woodworking, the complexity of the mechanisms of a secret drawer – whether push catch, a spring release or a secret recess – tests even the most talented of craftsmen.

Additional Interesting Facts

LINLEY was once asked by a client to make a table from solid walnut ‘strong enough to dance an Irish jig on’

LINLEY works with a number of different, highly specialised workshops all over Great Britain – Yorkshire, Herefordshire and Wiltshire – who employ some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in the country.