Interior Design

What Makes Us Unique


A Natural Extension

In 2007, as a natural extension of the company and after repeated requests from clients, LINLEY Interior Design was launched.  Our highly skilled team of interior architects, designers, consultants, production managers, fitters and craftsmen works closely with private and commercial clients on all projects to develop, create and fine tune ideas – be it a contemporary apartment or office, a traditional city hotel or Alpine chalet.

Open to all possibilities – from sourcing, providing or producing the right piece of furniture to complete or partial refurbishments as well as the entire planning and execution of a property, from start to finish – we offer the finest quality in British luxury design.

Design Ethos

Since inception, LINLEY has remained true to its original company ethos. The same core principles that were drafted thirty years ago, still apply today: to provide distinctive design, exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable service.

Harnessing both traditional and modern disciplines and combining a broad spectrum of architectural techniques and influences, LINLEY doesn’t have a distinct look but a design ethos and a set of aesthetic principles that guide our work. Our designs fuse functionality and practicality while great emphasis is placed on enduring aesthetic appeal.

Luxury British Design

The company takes pride in sourcing master craftsmen to ensure traditional British artistry is nurtured and championed. These invaluable skills are translated into the modern day to be passed onto future generations. Many of our early collaborators have gone on to start their own businesses – something that’s very rewarding and we are delighted to promote. Above all LINLEY strives to set a new standard in luxury British design.

LINLEY Specialists

LINLEY furniture has always played a pivotal role in the company. Our specialist woodworkers, joiners, marquetry experts and cabinetmakers are dedicated to producing the highest quality designs with meticulous attention to detail.


Our interior design team are based in our Belgravia head office and would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

Always up for new challenges, we can provide everything a room might require including antiques and art and can source any item that’s not part of the LINLEY brand from our extensive network of craftsmen and supplies.